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      The Art Of Wood And Tone  

Takamine Limited Edition Guitars 1987 - 2007

   244 pages, hardcover, high quality print

In 28 chapters the history of Takamine, the story of the guitars of the limited series and each limited guitar model are described and illustrated with hundreds of full color photos and drawings. Data sheets show all design and technical specifications of  the 21 ltd models from 1987 to 2007. In seperate chapters you find details about production, inbuilt electronics, inlay art and an overview disclosing also the total number of each limited guitar model produced by Takamine.

A review of the book can be found in the new issue (No. 6, 2007 , available on 26th of October 07) of  the German magazin Grand Guitars 

(  http://www.grandguitars.de/ ) .

A review is published  in the January 2008 issue of the German guitar magazin "Akustik Gitarre" 

( http://www.akustik-gitarre.com/  ) .

A new review is to be found in the February Edition (No.2, 2008) of "Gitarre & Bass"

( http//www.gitarrebass.de/ )

Takamine Limited Edition 2008, the last Pre-Fender model of the Ltd Edition Series !

On 1st of July 2008 Fender Corporation integrated the activities of Kaman Music into it´s international distribution network after purchasing Kaman Music early in 2008.

The first edition of the book is a limited edition with a few thousend copies. The majority of these books were distributed through the global network of Takamine dealers.


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