The term „Executive Coaching“ for us is a synonym for working with people in charge, who need help from someone outside their organisation, someone with the expertise required and the integrity for a trustful partnership.

Coaching means helping someone to overcome a crisis, finding his/her balance again or to regain the capability for making the right decisions
based on a better understanding of his/her options in a complicated

Coaching does not mean to tell a client what he/she has to do, it should strengthen the clients powers to move in the right direction and reinforce control over his/her business life.

Coaching involves analysis of the personal overall situation a client is in,
as far as the client feels is necessary.

Coaching can take place based on a personal agreement between a client and STTEC or could take the form of “ Executive Coaching” as part of a program in an organisation or company.

STTEC had been involved in these different kind of coaching tasks since Rolf-Juergen Bruess founded the company in 2001.

Since early 2016 Petra Jathe-Bruess, partner in STTEC, increasingly involves herself in Coaching Projects after a multi decade career in HR , Governance Functions and Project Management at a multi national technology company.

                                          Petra Jathe-Bruess

Petra Jathe-Bruess is a senior expert in leadership, personnel and organizational development, as well as diversity management.
Based on a degree in economics, she has gained extensive experience in working for and with international companies and has been a long-term  member of the Siemens management circle. She has managed several national and international HR projects and teams. Furthermore she was responsible for the advancement of women for Siemens in Germany.

Her qualifications include a business coach certification. She offers coaching and advice for ambitious businessmen and businesswomen, as well as managers at all levels, with particular attention to women in leadership positions.

"herCAREER"  2015 
Karriere-Messe für Frauen in Fach- und Führungspositionen

STTEC expert delegation January 2016, Changzhou, China

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